Teacher Directory

6th Grade

Heather Colley English                          [email protected]
Karen Blalock  Science                          [email protected]
Jennifer Surber Mathematics                 [email protected]
Shelley Waddle US History                   [email protected]
7th Grade
Kristin Carter Life Science 7th Grade    [email protected]
Cameron Kestner Civics 7th Grade                [email protected]
Tara Galliher Mathematics 7th Grade  [email protected]
Angie Thomas English 7th Grade      [email protected] 
8th Grade
Amy Dunn English 8th Grade      [email protected]
Troy Moore 8th Grade World G.      [email protected]
Angie Eller Physical Science  8th Grade    [email protected]
Andy Gilliam Mathematics 8th Grade      [email protected]   
Tammy Doane  Special Education    [email protected]
Bonnie Rhudy  Special Education              [email protected]        
Kaitlin McCormick  Special Education   [email protected]
Melanie Garrett  Enrichment      [email protected]
Health and PE:
Preston Brickey                          [email protected]
Becky Duncan        [email protected]
Andrea Cottrill:  General Music/Chorus    [email protected]
Amy Prater:  FACS, Technology, 6th Grade Computer Science     [email protected]
Mark Burkett:  Agriculture    [email protected]
Erica Coates:  Band/Careers and You   [email protected]
Claudine Pierson:  French I    [email protected]
Kim Wynegar:  Art    [email protected]        
Lisa Ashley:  Library Aide  [email protected]